Meet the S.F. NAACP Branch Officers

Dr. Amos C. Brown, President

Known among World leaders, Presidents, celebrities, and academicians alike for his trademark activism, intellectual discipline, and masterful oratory, Dr. Amos C. Brown is a legend in his own time. At TBC we find him to be a shepherd who takes seriously his responsibility to protect the sheep from predators-whether elected government officials, public analysts, or religious leaders – who would misguide, mislead, or mis-feed his flock. Tutored by Medgar Evers, Benjamin Mays, Samuel Williams, J. Pious Barbour, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (as one of the eight students in the only class Dr. King taught in his lifetime at Morehouse College), Dr. Brown has never seen the issues of society as separate from the mission of the church, especially when the members of the church are directly affected by systems of evil.

Jonathan Z. Butler, PhD, MDiv, Vice President

Dr. Jonathan Z. Butler is the 2nd Vice-President and Health Committee Chair for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) San Francisco Branch. Dr. Butler is also an appointed member for the Sugary Drink Distributors Tax Advisory Committee  (SDDTAC) of San Francisco representing the medical institution seat.

He is a research scientist and has dual appointments in the Department of Family and Community Medicine and Department of Medicine, Cardiology Division in the Center for the Study of Adversity and Cardiovascular Disease (NURTURE Center) at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

He is an associate minister at the historic Third Baptist Church of San Francisco, the Executive Director for the Third Baptist Foundation and board member of the San Francisco Students Back on Track tutoring program. 

Dr. Butler earned his Master’s of Divinity and Doctorate of Philosophy in Sociology at Howard University. He earned his Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the Jesse H. Jones School of Business at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. He is also an avid reader, habitual gym-goer, and lover of music. 

Yulanda D.A. Williams, 2nd Vice President

Dr. Captain Yulanda D.A. Williams, a native of San Francisco and a retired member of the San Francisco Police Department with 32 years of dedicated service, holds the esteemed position of a United Methodist Certified Lay Minister and has been awarded an honorary doctorate of divinity. Her unwavering commitment lies in the advancement of procedural justice, reform, global transparency, and accountability within the realm of policing. Recognized for her expertise, leadership, and unwavering dedication to community service, Williams was appointed as the Captain of the SFPD School Resource Program in the San Francisco Unified School District prior to her retirement. She is a lifetime member and upholds the core values of the NAACP with unwavering devotion.

Cassie Cook, Treasurer

Cassie Cook currently holds the esteemed position of treasurer for the SF NAACP, an organization that occupies a significant role in her life. As a lifelong member of the NAACP, she has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the cause of civil and human rights, with her journey beginning alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil rights movement in Birmingham, Alabama. Ms. Cook brings a wealth of experience from both the corporate sector and numerous nonprofit endeavors. Notably, she serves as the president of the Glenridge Cooperative Board of Directors, overseeing a sizable 275-unit affordable housing property. Her involvement extends beyond mere governance, as she actively engages in national housing training programs and holds a certification as an occupancy specialist.

Ms. Cook possesses remarkable leadership experience within the fashion and design industry, where she has played a pivotal role in promoting fashion designers, entertainers, and related professionals throughout California, particularly in the Bay Area. Her efforts have yielded significant success, with many designers effectively marketing their clothing lines in both the United States and Canada. Notably, Ms. Cook is the founder of the prestigious Designer of the Year Award (DOTY Awards).

In addition to her accomplishments in the fashion industry, Ms. Cook has also made notable contributions as an author (CCInterVisions). She has published two books for the esteemed Third Baptist Church, Inc. of San Francisco, with copies of her work available at the San Francisco Main Public Library and the historic Third Baptist Church. Furthermore, Ms. Cook has produced numerous souvenir journals for noteworthy events, which serve as cherished keepsakes of those special moments. Her exceptional skills as an event producer/specialist have garnered her recognition from various organizations across the Bay Area, where copies of her work can be found.

As a passionate storyteller, Ms. Cook has a deep affinity for writing, desktop publishing, and graphic arts. She finds joy in traveling, as it allows her to broaden her perspectives on people and the magnificent world that God has created for us.

Ms. Cook's dedication to her community extends beyond her professional endeavors. She is a lifetime member of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women, Inc. Her past roles include serving as the President of the San Francisco Business and Professional Women. Inc., and as the Governor for the Western District of the NANBPWC, Inc., which encompasses several states including Hawaii and Alaska. Currently, she holds the esteemed position of Western District Advisor for NANBPWC, Inc. and remains an active and committed volunteer in our community.

Sherman Tillmon, Secretary

Sherman Tillman, is the product of The San Francisco Unified School District.  Growing up in the Fillmore District, Sherman attended four elementary schools due to busing.  Hawthorne, Excelsior, Sutro, and Anza elementary schools.  He attended Roosevelt Middle and George Washington High School where he was MVP and all league first team on the baseball team.  Sherman first year of college was back east at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.  Longing for home and his high school sweetheart who he married, and now have three beautiful children together. Sherman transferred to San Francisco City College.  After completing his general course work, Sherman was excepted to the prestigious University of California at Berkeley.  Where he graduated with a Sociology major.

Sherman started his community involvement as a teen working three years for the Mayor’s Summer Youth Program.  He returned to do two summer’s as a counselor in the program held out of The Buchanan YMCA.  He did started with the cities Park and Rec Department as an Assistant Recreation Director.  Working in the Fillmore, Sunset, and Mission Districts.  He  worked on Midnight Basketball with Kenny Bandford. Started Friday Night Fun Program with Jackie Battle, taking at-risk youths on excursions outside the neighborhood.  Sherman then got a job with United States Navy at Treasure Island as the head of the youth, teen, and young adults program.  Through his leadership he turned around a failing program which had unmotivated and ill utilized staff.  A turned around a budget that was in the red and did not meet fiscal reporting standards.

During base closure proceedings Sherman was recruited by The United States Customs Agency now Homeland Security.  Inspector Tillman, served the public by stopping drug and contraband trafficking, illegal immigration, and business trade mark infractions.  

The San Francisco Fire Department called Inspector Tillman in1999.  After completing training twenty-three years later now Captain Tillman works for the citizens of San Francisco at Fire Station number Ten.  He is a former ten-year member of The San Francisco Fire Cancer Board.  Fourteen year Union Steward and two term President of The San Francisco Black Firefighters Association.

Captain Tillman has a long history of Community involvement and was recognized for his efforts with a Certificate of Honor from Board of Supervisors in 2021.

Catherine Bradford, Assistant Treasurer

Mrs. Catherine Bradford has been a resident of San Francisco for 45 years. After moving from Tuskegee, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia, Mrs. Bradford joined the NAACP as a college student under the influence of one of that branch’s most recognizable activists of the 60's, her aunt for whom she is named, Mrs. Catherine Buchannan. 46 years later from her initiation into the NAACP, Mrs. Bradford was elected Assistant Treasurer of SF NAACP Branch where for over three years she has and continues to work faithfully.

Ruth Mays, Executive Office Administrator

Mrs. Mays is the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.  In this role, Mays has primary accountability for the business strategies and operations of delivery system.  Prior to Mays’ current role, she was executive director of a large non-profit providing fiscal oversight for an annual budget of $2-million, leadership to management and supervision to a staff of eighty professionals and Para-professionals.
Mrs. Mays holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Masters Degree in Education with a concentration in Black, Asian and Chico Education from the University of California at Berkeley, from which she graduated with three teaching credentials.  Her gifts for administration have gained her employment and recognition within and beyond the field of Education. From receiving the designation of Corporate and Strategic Planning Specialist from Harvard School of Business at Springfield College, Springfield, Mass. or recognitions by the California State Assembly, Contra Costa County and the City of Richmond for her work with children and families.  (She was given the Contra Costa Child Care Council, highest award, their “Kiddy Award”.)

Since 2007, Mrs. Mays has and continues to volunteer as the Executive Office Administrator for our Branch ensuring that we maintain a weekly presence in the city and county of San Francisco.